Spring – the Midnight Surf Music 2020

이 곡은 2016-17년 대한민국에서 있었던 촛불집회의 승리를 축하하기 위해 썼고, 세월호 참사의 피해자분들께 헌정합니다.

This song was written to celebrate the victory of the Candlelight Vigil in South Korea (2016-17), also was dedicated to the victims of Sewol Ho Tragedy. Cover photo by Lani Jungeun Lee, lanihilife.com


Spring has come
Enjoy the sunshine
On you, on me, on everybody
Don’t forget how cold last winter was
It comes again when we forget all about it
So spring has come
Enjoy the sunshine
On you, on me, on everybody
Na na na…

썬샤인 하와이 유튜브 채널 Sunshine Hawai’i YouTube channel

This is Lani’s footages of the beaches in Hawai’i. She is a resident of Oahu HI since 2014, and introducing the beauty of Hawaiian beaches with her own cameras like iPhone, … Which beaches are in your best memory? Which ones are in your bucket list? Comment your answers.

음악 / 이우성
Music by Midnight Surf Music

영상 / 이정은
Video by Lani, Jungeun Lee